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January 13, 2006

Important Message for NC Archaeology Consultants and Contractors

The Office of State Archaeology will soon update the list of archaeology firms and individuals who work in North Carolina. We intend for this to be a major overhaul of the list, and our supporting files. The list now contains errors and omissions which cannot be remedied unilaterally by our staff. There is also the obvious need to keep the list current; that, frankly, has not been the case for the electronic version for a number of years.

In line with other important changes (including this new OSA web page), we will essentially purge the "consultants" rolls. All firms and individuals will be asked to submit current data on personnel and qualifications; inclusion will depend on hearing from you. Accurate contact information, like principal investigator(s), today-current staff, mail and e-mail addresses, and telephone/fax numbers will be givens. We will ask firms with more than one address to indicate which of these is primary for contacts. We want the list to be complete, but as lean as possible.

We will communicate the deadline for submitting this information via this site. For our part, the OSA commits to keeping the lists up to date.The new consultants list will be prominently linked to our new web page, for use by potential clients, agencies and others.

Please direct questions to:
Steve Claggett or Dolores Hall.

Thank you.


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